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15 ways to make your digestive system healthy and fit ?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Do you know why your digestive system is getting worse day by day?

Its because of your unhealthy bad living lifestyle.

Like overeating , not drinking enough water , not getting fibers in your diet , not eating on time , not doing workout daily , your inactive lifestyle , sitting for a long time , not eating fruits , taking too much salt and sugar which is very bad , eating your meal very fast , you are not getting micronutrients , not getting healthy fats , and sometimes not eating anything cuz of your body is getting fatty day by day, taking to many supplements and heavy medicines for a long time and depend on too many factors.

That’s why , sometimes you feel pain near your heart , between your chest and other organs , you feel bloated ,constipation , ulcers , bad breathe , feeling sick , getting too much fat in your body , always feel lazy ,always feel sleepy , your metabolism is getting slower day by day , & etc etc. Which may lead to early death , if your condition is getting to worser day by day. (its time to wake up , not for yourself but for to many peoples like friends , family , your loved ones , for the ones who are depend on you) Why you are messing up your body ? now its time realize and promise yourself that you will take of care of your body now and forever.

So this is what you have to do too make your digestive system healthy and ultimate for life.

1. Start Drinking Enough water in a day like 4-5 liters is must for youngsters & adults , atleast 2 liters for kids : water is very important for the absorption of food , mutrients , vitamins , etc etc. it keeps you body hydrated , its keeps your kidney healthy by flushing out all the toxins from your body , you will never get stones if you drink enough water on daily basis , your skin will glow , you will feel very light , active , healthy etc etc . to many benefits (if want to read about benefits and cons so read our article [benefits of drinking 4-5 lit of water a day].start your day just after you wake up , drink 500ml of lukewarm water with lemon. It will make metabolism fast.

2. Drink green juice every morning or twice a week : you can make this by adding , green apple , cucumber , spinach , beet root , carrots , ginger , lettuce , avacados etc. just mix it up in your juicer and drink it right away. It helps in removing all the junk and toxins from your body and will make your digestive healthy , make your metabolism fast etc etc to many benefits.

3. Add fiber in your diet , it keeps your bowel movement good , and you will never get constipation problem and many benefits : sources are green vegetables , whole grains , citrus fruits etc etc.

4. Avoid junk food , refined food (like white rice , white flour etc etc .instead eat brown rice , whole wheat flour) , refined oils(instead use oure olive and virgin coconut oil but in limit 1-2 spoons a day for per person) , packed and processed food ,Cola , alcohols , smoking etc etc.

5. Eat on time : divide your meals in 6 to 7 small meals which includes 3 main meal like breakfast , lunch , dinner and 2 snack meal between main meals, 1 before bed meal is optinal , pre and post workout meal if you do workout ( in pre workout meal , you don’t need to add supplements there , naturals food sources can be used in pre workout meal like some healthy carbs , coffee which contain caffeine etc etc.)

6. Add Healthy fats in your diet (HDL high density lipoproteins) : Sources are dry fruits , nuts , coconut oil , 1-2 egg yolk a day ,Cheese , dark chocolates , avacados , fatty fish like salmon , fish oils which contains omega 3 which is very important etc etc.

7. Add probiotic drink in your diet :Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. We usually think of these as germs that cause diseases. ... Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. You can find probiotics in supplements and some foods, like yogurt

8. Eat slow , feel the texture and taste of your food : Do not eat fast , it may slow down your metabolism that may lead to gain more fat , will make you bloated , will make you lazy and inactive etc etc.

9. Do not over eat : it takes 20min to your body to realize that it is full . eat in limit , manage your meals , count your calories , your diet should be balanced , your meal should contain( protein , some carbs , some healthy fats (HDL) , vitamins , minerals etc etc ) , limit your salt and sugar in your diet(15to20gms of sugar in a day and 1500 to 2500mg of salt a day not more than that)

10.Do not take rest after eating your meal instead do a walk (15 to 30) min. it should help in digestion.

11.Drink water 30 min before of any meal and 30 minutes later after eating your meal , not in between.

12.Do workout and cardio on daily basis : it also helps in making your metabolism fast which is very good ,your body will never get fatty , and will make your digestion improved , keeps you healthy and fit , helps in gaining muscle and so many benefits. This topic is about digestive system so we’ll talk later about workout and cardio benefits in another topic.

13. Sleep on time & get enough quality sleep of 6-8 hours : means you should sleep on time at 10 pm every night and should wake up 5 am every morning to start your day. Please make a sleeping habit.(want to read about benefits of sleep and cons of not having read our article on benefits of 6-8 hours of quality sleep)

14.Make your life style active and fit : you should do any kind of work according to your need and to your want .just make yourself busy in a day and rest at night every 10 pm and get a good quality sleep.

15.Do not take stress , so manage it , Try to stay happy like genuinely happy , learn to manage your stress , your problems ,learn how to face your problems.