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15 ways to make your immune system strong

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

How to make your immune system very strong and healthy?

Your body cells is designed to heal by itself . Do not depend only on medicines , drugs please.

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. ... The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body.

Immune system protects your body from outer bodies such as bacteria , virus , microorganisms , it protects you from diseases.

But the problem it only protects your body when your immune system is strong , working fast & very healthy.

Sometimes it will become weak because of our bad living lifestyle. Such as no vitamin c in your diet , eating too much junk foods , not eating fruits and green vegetables , not drinking enough water , not get to sleep , depend only on medicines , drugs , smoking , drinking to much alcohol , eating to much saturated fats which is low density lipoproteins / bad fat , not doing cardiovascular excercises , not doing any workout or playing sport , not eating high density lipoproteins ,not getting good and healthy nutrition , you don’t take multivitamins which is micro nutrients , you don’t take antioxidants which makes your immune system strong and healthy also removes all the free radicals from your body that cause illness. , and the list go on ,

It depends on so many factors .

If you want to stay healthy and fit then you have to change your life style.

By doing that you could make your immunity strong ,healthy , fast.

For that you have to do what I say.

1. You have to add citrus fruits in your diet. Best time is in morning with breakfast. In citrus fruits like oranges , pineapples , mangoes , grapes , kiwi , all berries , watermelon , papaya , lemon etc etc. These are some fruit’s that will provide you enough amount of vitamin c that will helps your body to boost your immunity and make it healthy , strong , fast.

2. Add Green vegetables in your diet. Add lots of green veggies like broccoli , green beans , spinach etc etc. everyday in your meals like , in lunch and dinner is the best time. Green veggies are filled with to much micronutrients , fiber , minerals ,they are low in calories too , in spinach you will get iron (which found in your circulating erythrocytes / RBCs. Red blood cells transport oxygen from your lungs to the organs and tissues throughout your body). Eat lots of green veggies. It will make your immunity strong & healthy by provides you lots of nutritions.

3. Drink plenty of Water(4-5 liters) in a day.

4. Drink Fruit and vegetable juices in morning / or green juice ( green juice is made by green vegetables and fruits like green apple for sweetness , cucumber , spinach , carrots , beetroot ,ginger , lemon , mix all together and green juice smoothie is ready) it will helps to detox your body , remove all the toxins from your body , clean your system , and will make your immune system healthy.

5. Avoid junk food instead you can eat 1 junk food meal on every Sunday as a cheat meal.

6. Limit your salt and sugar intake ( salt / sodium intake should be 1500mg to 2300 mg per day not more than that) ( sugar intake should be 12 to 20 gm per day not more than that.

7. Do 30 min of cardiovascular excercises every morning like running , playing , sports , high intensity cardio ,sprinting , cycling etc etc.

8. Do weight training workout 1 hour every morning / evening ( time time suits best to you but you have to do it)

9. Stay stress free. Decrease your cortisol level ( Do 5 – 15 minutes of meditation in every morning . it will help’s to reduce stress levels.)

10. Avoid smoking

11. Avoid Drinking alcohols , soda , cola ( 20 ml of red wine once in every 2 weeks is fine) ( and 60 ml of cola , soda is fine once in every 2 weeks.)

12. Sleep on time and get 6-8 hours of quality sleep.

13. Adapt healthy and active lifestyle.

14. Lower your body fat percentage ( best body fat percentage for men that should maintain throughout the year is 9% to 12 % body fat.)

15. Do not depend only on medicines and drugs. Give a some time to heal your body by itself.

Read the note please.

( Note : Do you know our body cells can repair by itself , yes your body is designed to heal by itself ,but the thing is you have to believe and will make your immunity strong ,you have to adapt a healthy lifestyle untill you feel that you are not getting ill and feeling strong , until you feel that you don’t need medicine for some small common diseases & conditions like cold , cough , low fever , body ache , head aches etc etc. ) Your natural food sources can cure so many diseases and make you totally fit and healthy.

Just give some time to your body to heal by itself

Just believe in yourself .

Because if you depend only on medicines , drugs then your immunity will not stay better. Your nervous system , mind , cells will thinks that your body only need medicine for healing. So it make your immune system weaker day by day , they think that you don’t need that acc to your mind , nervous system , body cells.)

So please make yourself strong , fight against diseases and common conditions. Make your immune system strong

Even in life don’t run away from your problems instead fight against them and kicked their as and show them , you are the boss or no one else.

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