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7 Must have shoe for college guys

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Shoe is a important part of your dressing . they can take your handsomeness to the next level and will make you look sexy ,or they can make you look like a fool or childish.

Always spend in a high quality branded shoe. Do not buy cheap shoe and first copies shoes of brand . Spend in Quality not in quantity. Good quality shoe’s will last 10 times longer than cheap low quality first copie of brand shoe.

Always invest in high quality of brand shoe. Okay.

1. Pair of black athletic/running shoes : This pair shoe is a must have for college going guys . they are very imp. For your active lifestyle.You can pair this shoe with solid white/black t-shirt(actualy you can wear solid color t-shirt you love , they’ll go with anything)& pair of nice fit joggers. Only wear these shoe’s while running , in gym .they’ll make you look sexy even in gym and those morning jogs.

2. Pair of white leather sneakers : if you have this shoe , you own the crowd. No matter what but this is only shoe that take your handsomeness to the next level. They will make you look sexy. Spend in good pair of white leather sneakers. You can pair this shoe with anything even with a suit. You can wear this on night parties , occasion , on date , you can wear this to anywhere but keep in mind as they are white in color , so they’ll get dirty very easily . so take care of these shoe’s. use separate products to wash white sneakers. Do not wear this shoes on rainy seasons because you will ruin the sexiness that shoe and will make them a garbage.

3. Pair of classic black canvas sneaker like vans old skool : Like white shoes they are also versatile you also pair this with anything. And will take sexiness to the next level. Invest in good brand( do not buy cheap sneakers) invest in quality not in quantity.

4. Pair of High ankle canvas sneakers or converse sneakers in funky colors like red , green etc etc : These kind of shoe will look good sometimes , like sometime’s always looking classy will be so boring. So these pair of shoe will make you standout in a crowd and give people illusion that you are very stylish and fashionable , you don’t afraid of trying new styles. They will make you feel like an extrovorted guy. Which is very good. People love’s these kinf of person. You can wear these pair of shoe while hanging out with your friends ( do not wear this on date and parties unless you want to look fool or childish). Thes shoe’s will make a style statement.

5. Pair of black or brown Oxford / derby dress shoe : These pair of shoe is must have for parties , occasion , date , interviews , college seminars kind of places. These shoe will make you standout in a crowd and will make you look mature and responsible. And trust me guys girls love that. Invest in a pair of high quality leather dress shoe. You can pair these shoe with , formals and suits

6. Pair of high quality leather boots : You can wear this shoe when going for a date with your queen , like want to be a stud/ macho man , for hiking , also in college. these pair of shoe will make you look like a matured men who is a king of her queen. Like He will protect her queen from any situation , He will fight for justice. He is a responsible man.

7. Pair of Shoe like normal canvas shoe or flip flops etc etc for Local market shopping : These pair of shoe is not supposed to be very high quality . you can wear this shoe for going to do grocery kind of stuff. Where no one knows you and you don’t want to ruin your high quality other 6 pair’s of outdoor shoes.