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How to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

So there two types of fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

Subcutaneous fat is a fat which is stored just under your skin. this fat can lose very easily but takes time.

And visceral fat is a fat which present or stored just near your organs. This fat is very hard to lose and will takes time but also will lose if your diet , nutrition , hydration , proper cardio and weight training are very very good. Avoid saturated fats which is low density lipoproteins and Add Unsaturated fats which is High density lipoproteins , eat good fats to burn bad fat.

Keep in mind nothing is magic , nothing can happen overnight

Everything takes time. If your trainer or anyone saying that you can lose weight , gain weight in 1 week , 2 weeks , even in month. Just kicked their ass. And don’t listen to them.

If you want permanent result then it will take time. It depends what’s your condition is and whats you goal.

So what you need to do is follow these steps , tips .and don’t cheat.

Stay honest with you.

Step : 1

Drink 4-5 liter’s of water a day. And in morning just after you wake up Drink 500ml of luke warm water with 1 lemon or 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar just to start your day. Water , acv , lemon they helps to increase your metabolism .so your body will burn those stored visceral / subcutaneous fat faster.

Step : 2

After that , do 30 minutes of Cardio in morning. ( like , Running ,sprinting , your abdominal workout training etc etc.) Cardiovascular exercise will burn your calories faster and will make your body and core toned. It also helps to make your heart healthy as well.

Step : 3

In your first main meal which is breakfast , eat High protein with some complex carb and some good fats . Don’t forget to take multivitamins with breakfast. Your breakfast should the most healthiest meal your day and will give your energy to do your work throughout the day.( note : do not stop taking carbs. Keep your carbs and fats in moderation)

Some high protein sources for breakfast are whole wheat oats , egg whites , protein shake.

Best complex carbs is sweet potato

Some good fats/ HDL are 1 or 2 egg yolks , nuts.

Step : 4

Divide your meals in 6 small balanced meals( 3 main meals , 2 snacks , post workout meal) . In every main meal you should have to add protein in your diet. ( for non active person 1 gm of protein per body weight , ex : if your weight is 70 kg then 70 gm of protein per day) ( for active or gym person 1.5 to 2 gm of protein per body weight if your weight is 70 kg then 105 to 140 gm of protein per day) Note : eat moderate carbs only in breakfast and dinner. And skip carbs in other meals. And don’t forget to eat some vitamin c filled fruits. And some protein filled snacks at snack time meal.

your diet should be a balanced diet.

Avoid saturated fats and Eat unsaturated fats to burn fats and cholestrol too

Avoid salt and sugar in your meals. Sprinkle it a bit if you want. Don’t eat much. If you eat to much salt and sugar in your diet then this will retain water in your skin , will make you puffy , will

increase oil production on your skin , will make you fat , will slow down you metabolism.

Eat only white meat/lean meat. Avoid red meat/ fatty meat.

Eat lots of green vegetables in every main meal’s and curd in lunch.

Add fiber in your diet for better digestion

Do not skip meals and your workout.

Avoid junk food and kind of stuff.

Avoid refined oils , use 1 spoon of olive oil , cocunut oil a day, not more than that.

Take Cla ( conjugated linoleic acid) supplement is optional if you want to take. It will help to reduce those stored fat if you overall diet and nutrition is very good.

Step : 5

Drink water in every 1 to 2 hours

Drink water , 30min before and after in every meal .

Do not drink water with your meal.

Drink atleast 4- 5 liters of water a day.

Stay hydrated.

Step : 6

Stay in calorie deficit

If your maintainence calorie is 2200 then eat only 1800 calories a day and again I am saying do not avoid carbs , eat in moderation

Do you workout regularly and in personal training guidance.

Don’t skip leg’s workout and abdomen workout

Always do cardio in morning and weight traning in evening.

Your workout should be high endurance and high intensity , so don’t forget to eat your pre-workout meal or your after lunch snacks.

Keep sip water during workout and cardio excersise

Step : 7

Eat high protein before bed meal which should be a 250 ml of low fat milk without sugar and you can sprinkle cardamom powder if want and handful of cashews .

Step : 8

Sleep on time

Your sleep should be a quality sleep of 6- 8 hours.

If you don’t know then you have to understand is

You lose and gain weight when you sleep.

Everything in your body changes when you sleep.

So keep your diet , nutrition and hydration are very good. Because they will change your body when you combine all this with your sleep.

Note : Don’t think that any supplement , medicine , home remedies , even workout and cardio will lose your fat and gain muscle , because nothing can change your body if you diet , nutrition , hydration is not very good .

Keep this in mind , only your overall diet , nutrition , hydration when combine with proper quality sleep only that can change your body fat percentage , your weight lose , your muscle gain .

Nothing is magic and nothing can happen overnight.

It takes time

Like your it takes time to make your body fat with your bad nutrition so it also takes time to get back your muscle gain and lose fat with very good nutrition. But it will happen if do what I am saying. Follow all tips

If you Don’t understand what I am trying to say then don’t worry. I will make proper weight lose & muscle gain series in video format very soon.

I will give the knownledge on how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Yes it is possible.

Until then keep monitor your overall diet.

Supplements ( optional) only take if your overall nutrition is very good.

Only isolate whey protein and conjugated linoleic acid. And nothing else

These are also optional.

You can change your body all natural food sources.

Just Always stay positive and motivated.

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