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Healthy mouth cleaning routine? prevent all mouth related problems.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Always smile , people love those who smiles.

How to prevent all kinds of mouth problems?

Mouth problems can be very serious , sometimes very annoying & embarrassing Too. I mean , no one like yellow or red teeth , bad smelling mouth , that white stuff on your tougue which is candida virus, cavities , gum problems like gingivitis , mouth ulcers ,tonsils etc etc. and nobody wants that happen to their mouth. Everyone wants nice , good looking teeth , fresh smelling mouth , healthy mouth , good smiling face.

So for that you have to upgrade your mouth cleaning techniques , means majority of the people only do brushing to clean their teeth , mouth but you have to add some things in your mouth cleaning routine. And all the steps everyday.

and here these are:

Mouth cleaning tools : keep your mouth , smells fresh and clean

· Brushing your teeth gently with a good toothpaste atleast for 2 to 3mins and try reach every part of your teeth and mouth. (my recommendation is use electric toothbrush , this is much much better then any ordinary toothbrushes)

· Use dental floss to clean the area between your teeth. Use it everyday please. It will help to remove the stuck tiny food particles from your teeths and will prevent the bacteria growth on that region.

· Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue if your do not want candida virus to grow on your tongue and give that yellow or white sticky stuff on your tongue that feels gross and nasty. For prevention , use tongue cleaners

· Use mouthwash to clean your whole mouth and helps to remove all the bacteria and bad odour from your mouth , so you can feel fresh and clean

Do all these steps at morning 30 mintues before eating anything and at night after your dinner. (do not eat anything after your dinner.)

Keep your diet , meals healthy . means also keep your stomach clean and healthy if your don’t want ulcers and some more mouth problems , yes , most of the mouth problems may occur because of bad digestive system and bad stomach.

Keep yourself hydrated , drink plenty of fluids / water

Always go for complete dental checkup in every 3 to 6 months.

Avoid junk food , oily food kind of stuff.

Add Vitamind and calcium rich foods in your diet.

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