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How to make your heart healthy and fit?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Tips for your cardiovascular Health and fitness

Hi heart , i am long life , will you be my Friend ??

1. Do not smoke

2. Do not drink alcohol ( you can take 20 ml of red wine once in a week if want , because red wine is healthy for your heart if took limitation which is 20 ml)

3. Manage your cholesterol level. { go and get a lipid profile test , where the lab will analize your LDL ( low density lipoprotein) , HDL (High density lipoprotein) , triglycerides , and the total cholesterol.} Note: You have to do 9 to 12 hours of fasting before that Lipid profile test.

4. After cholesterol test , go to your nutritionist , they’ll tell you the diet you need to follow acc. To the results of your lipid profile test.

5. Manage your blood sugar levels also. Keep monitor your blood sugar.

6. Add good fats or unsaturated fats which is HDL (high density lipoprotein) in your diet and HDL is present in Nuts like( Walnuts , Almonds , Cashews ), 1 or 2 whole egg in a day etc etc.

7. Add omega 3 rich foods in your diet like Salmon fish , some seeds like flax seed , chia seed

8. Do cardiovascular exercises everyday in morning ( running , cycling , playing any sports , high intensity workout etc etc.)

9. Drink Plenty of water throughout the day ( approx. 4-5 liters)

10.Detox your body with green juice in morning twice in a week.

11.Avoid junk foods

12.Add lots Green vegetables in your diet ( Spinach , Broccoli , green beans etc etc.) in every big meals

13.Avoid white rice , instead you can eat organic Brown rice.

14. Do not use Refined oils , instead you can use pure olive oil(omega 3 , Coconut oil,or pure rice bran oil with oryzynol. and try use only 1 spoon of these oils a day for 1 person.

15. Do not take stress ( lower your cortisol hormone , which is a stress hormone)

16.Try to Actually stay happy in any condition ( they will help you to boost your dopamine levels which is a hormone responsible for happiness)

17. Take multivitamins everyday in morning with breakfast.

18.Go for a medical checkups in every 1 months , if your condition is not very bad then go for medical checkups every 3 months

19.Keep monitor your heart and your whole body with regular medical tests and checkups.

Note : If you follow these tips honestly and everyday , you don’t need any medicine or drug to make your heart healthy.

These tips can make your heart healthy and permanently Fit.

I am strictly against medicine or drugs. Because I believe that our natural sources are best and can cure any diseases or conditions.

And once any medicine or drug in your body it will stay for life time.

Even though I studied medical science but still i against Medicine.

Do not take medicine until its life threat or this is the only thing that can save your life.

If you think you need medicines then only Take medicine which is prescribed by doctors /medical professionals .

Do not take medicine of your own. Always Consult The professionals.