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How to overcome depression at home in 1 week without medicine?

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Depression is a condition , not a disease. it can be treated. only you can help yourself by doing the right thing.

What is depression?

Sometimes many people feel sad or depressed. It’s a normal reaction to loss & life struggles.

But when your sadness becomes intense like feeling hopeless , helpless , alone and when you feel like your life is worthless and when this feeling lasts from many days to weeks. It is a sign of clinical depression. Which is treatable condition. Its not a disease , it’s a condition which can be treated.

Symptoms of Depression

· A major depressive episode is defined as experiencing five or more of the following symptoms every day (or most days) for two weeks or more:

· Depressed or irritable mood

· Sleep problems (like sleeping too much or too little , sleeping mainly during the day)

· Change in interests (like not being interested in what you used to enjoy) or low motivation

· Excessive guilt or unrealistically low self-image

· Significantly low energy and/or change in self-care (like not taking shower anymore or not taking care of yourself)

· Significantly worse concentration (like not doing studies , don’t want to do studies , poor performance in exams , don’t want to anything in life)

· Changes in appetite (like eating too much or too little)

· Agitation or severe anxiety/panic attacks

Suicidal thoughts, plans or behaviors — including self-harm (like intentionally cutting or burning yourself , punching on wall until you bleed , fighting with stranger for no reason)

How to overcome your depression , sadness at home in 1 week?

1. Do not stay alone

2. Always surround yourself with friends , family , other peoples :

3. Take a vacation on your favourite place whether its in your country or other country.

4. Do what to you used to like or what you like now ( means have fun by doing anything)

5. Make short term goals ( means do not make very big and long term goals too early)

6. Go for parties and clubs on weekends

7. Keep yourself busy in any work whether it is study , office work , business or any kind of work that related to your career.

8. Get enough sleep every day( 6 to 8 hours atleast). Focus on quality sleep instead of

quantity. And sleep on time too(means try not to sleep during day time, sleep at night)

9. Exercise regularly (that’s help in reduce your cortisol leveland will increase your dopamine level , that will increase your happiness)

10. Eat what you like and do not say no to if anyone offer you some good and tasty food does’nt matter if its healthy or not healthy. Just eat what to like and what makes your feel happy.

11. Watch your used to favourite shows , movies ( our suggestion is , watch comedy shows)

12. Make new hobbies like singing , photography , videography , painting , any sport like cricket , football , basketball etc etc.

13. Make a routine of your day ( write to do list for everyday , before 1 day)

14. Don’t take antidepressants if you really want to overcome and want to live your life in a new way.( means do not depend only on medicine's , you can overcome your depression without medicine's if you really want , and medicine's only work if you want to heal , if you don't want then no medicine can help to overcome your depression and any kind of sadness.)

15. Stay away from those people who are misguiding you (like fake friends )and those who are using you for their benefits. Just delete them from your life.

16. Change that path of your who took you to depression.( means do not do those thing that made you depressed)

17. Always stay positive and believe that you can do anything & you are worthy.

18. Spend time with your family and have fun.

19. Play games , ( indoor or outdoor its your preference)

20. When you done doing all those 19 steps above , now you can proceed with new routine like now you can make a permanent life goal like long term goals , take some stress on yourself because little bit of stress is good for success , work on your skills, always keep yourself busy with your work, a healthy eating routine , have fun on weekends , take vacation in every 3 months , never stay alone and you are all fine .

21. Please do not listen sad music , infact do not listen music instead do all 20 steps as written above.

Disclaimer : only those can overcome their depression if they really want to live their life. What we can do is , to tell you the correct way to overcome your sadness , your depression but you have to help yourself. If you don’t want then nobody can help you.

If you do what we say in this article then you can overcome your depression or any sad feeling in just 1 week or less.