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How to prevent pimples?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

bye bye pimple

Pimples grows because sebaceous glands start producing to much oil on your skin as a protective layer but when you expose your skin in sun , pollution , dirt etc etc. all these things starts collecting and mixing with that oil and bacteria(Propionibacterium acnes) which is present on the oily regions of the skin pours and when all the things start collecting into your skin pours , they start forming sebum , red bump and imflammation on that area and that’s hows pimples formed.and you know what why it happens??

Can we stop the growth of pimple ?? Can we prevent pimples??

Answer is yes we can stop the growth of pimple even prevent it.

Sebaceous glands start producing too much oil because of dehydration , no cleaning your skin on time , cleaning too much in a day , having too much oily and bad junk food , exposing your skin in sun for a long time , no having proper sleep , stress & depression , unhygienic & bad lifestyle , unhealthy and poor digestive system etc etc ,

Too much level’s of testosterone is also the reason for causing pimples(13- 22 is a age where our body produces very good amout of testosterone which is very good because this hormore will lead in growth of your body , your muscle size , your high energy levels , and helps in your healthy sexual life , but when it reaches to it extra limit’s then this will lead to cause pimples on your skin) for that use your testosterone levels by doing workout and keep hormone levels in limit, maintain a healthy and very active lifestyle , keep yourself active , if you are married and matured then healthy sexual life is also good.

How to prevent it ?

1. The only and the ultimate tip is Apply regular band aid on pimple’s for 4-5- hours (Note : do not use waterproof bandaid , use only regular bandaid ok), it remove & reduce the size of that sebum filled pimple or that red bump and make completely vanish ,and will not leave a mark , mark will go away in 1 or 2 day if happens. Also it prevents the pimple from spreading bacteria on other skin part. It reduce inflammation in just few minutes. How do u know that pimple is healed without removing bandaid? ( just press that pimple part without removing bandaid , if there is no pain , you’ll know that your pimple is healed and you are ready to go outside without feeling embarred.)

2. Stop Touching your face too much. If you that , means you are spreading dirt’s , bacteria on your skin , because it presents on your finger.

3. Drink lots of water . it will help to stop the production of to much oil on your skin that may lead to pimple later on, and will increase glow on your skin.

4. Keep your digestive system healthy and clean.

5. Use sunscreen before going out ( try not to expose your skin in sun , dirt , pollution , cover that exposing skin like wear full sleeve clothing , use helmets on bike its also for your safety too , wear gloves , use umbrella etc etc.)

6. Make a healthy skin care routin.( For that read our Men’s ultimate skin care routine blog) .

Do workout daily , Do cardiovascular excercises daily ( by doing this will grow your body , will make you active , will keep your testosterone on limit and will produce new and healthy hormone again(legs workout is great for that never skip legs day, and so many things).

7. Do not face wash your face more than twice a day( wash in morning before going out and in evening when you reach home).Always use mild face wash.

8. Limit your oil intake. if I say I don’t mean refined oil’s, I mean olive oil , coconut oil , pure rice bran oil with oryzinol.( 1to 2 spoons a day per person)

9. Eat your meals on time.

10.Add citrus fruits in your diet.

11.Exfoliate your skin twice a week.

12.Apply moisturizer on skin after washing your face.

13.Avoid junk and fried food.

14.Detox your body by drinking green juice every morning or twice a week.It will make your digestive system healthy and will prevent pimples.Pimple also cause because of unhealthy and poor digestion.

15.Do hijama therapy on your back , shoulder , chest (offcourse not on face) this therapy removes all the toxic blood from your body and make your skin quality ultimate.( before doing consult your Doctor or therapist first .)