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Men's ultimate Shaving routine

1. Wash your face with warm water : it helps to open skin pores which is good for shaving and prevent post shaving razor bumps.

2. Exfoliate your whole face then rinse with hot water : after washing your face , start exfoliating your skin with any scrub or exfoliator , that helps to remove dead skin and dirt from your skin. And also make your beard softer for better shaving.

3. If your have long beard then first trim it by using trimmer with no guard : small hair follicles are easy to shave then big long beard , which is difficult to shave.

4. Apply a thin layer good quality shaving cream or foam : Do not apply very thick layer of shaving cream because in thick layer , your razor cannot shave very close to skin. Instead apply thin of shaving cream , then wait for 1 to 2 mintues until your hair become more softer, which is easy to shave.

5. Then start shave with a good quality single blade or safety edge razor : Don’t use 5 or 6 blade razor , because in order for good shave , your should use one or two razor stokes at a time and for that one blade razor is very useful and then rinse in water ,repeat the procedure until your shaving completes.

But if your use 5 or 6 blade razor , it means you do 12 strokes in two times , which will cause skin irritation , post shave razor bumps , redness and will damage your skin.

That’s why ,one blade razor or safety edge razor is very good and useful for shaving.

6. Last step wash your face with cold water by using mild face wash : this help to close those opened skin pores which results in smooth and glowing skin.