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Men's morning routine

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Men's healthy lifestyle morning routine

1. just after waking up the first thing you do is drink a 500ml of water. This will help you to increase your metabolism.

2. Make a to-do list. This list is for the work that you may do in your rest of the day.

3. Then stand up open your curtain’s and let the sunshine and fresh air come to your room and face . just see the nature and feel it.

4. Go to loo and make yourself fresh. (lol)

5. Do atleast 5 mins of meditation ( meditation is not something you do like sitting on a floor while closing your eyes and you start breath in and breath out) ( meditation is when you free your mind from stress , problems and even anything. You just have to clear your mind and make your yourself free from all the problems for sometime. Just chant on whatever you believe for atleast 5 min and 15 min if you can. This will help you to make your productivity better , will make your thoughts good, also helps you to focus on your work , your concentration power will increase if you do meditation every day. Your life will become very easy and will make you think like a warrior.

6. Drink Coffee and 2 whole wheat biscuits and after this just go to your near by gym and do your cardio. ( cardio is very good in morning , this will help you to lose weight faster and will your skin , brain , and healthy very healthy. Also Your insulin will not spike.)

7. Now you are ready to brush your Teeth , Floss , and mouthwash ,then go to take a shower , shampoo & condition your hair , wash your body , wash your face , then rinse.

8. After you come out then trim your beard/ shave then clean your face with cold water and apply sunscreen & moisturizer to your body , to your face , blow dry your hair , style your hair by using your favourite hair product , complete styling your hair with hair spray.

9. After that go to your wardrobe , pick the outfit acc to your need like your are office men , college boy , school boy. Whatever you want to wear just wear it.

10. Now its time for breakfast which is the first and should be the most healthiest meal of the day. Your should eat your breakfast. Never skip your breakfast.

11. Then pack your lunch and some healthy snacks.

12.Also carry a water bottle with you. Stay hydrated.

13.Now you are ready my boy to go to your office , college , school and where ever you want to go. And don’t Forget your Bike or car keys.

14.Stay Happy everyday and live your Life like no one can.

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