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Men's ultimate skin care routine

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Men's ultimate skincare routine

Step : 1

Wash your face with a mild face wash. Its helps to remove all the dirt & greaseness from your face

Step : 2

Exfoliate your skin with scrub or any other exfoliator that you have , to remove dead skin cells to generate fresh and healthy skin. It also increase collagen production.( collagen helps our skin to remove wrinkles and dryness and helps to improve skin quality . and for the body and their joints , they help to increase muscle mass , prevent bone loss and relieve joint pain). Note : exfoliate your skin only twice a week otherwise it will damage your skin.

Step : 3

After exfoliation rinse your face with cold water. Cold water helps to close your skin pours and will make your skin very smooth and fresh.

Step : 4

Apply your favourite matte finish sunscreen( spf) on your face. Spf helps your skin from sun damage and tanning.

Step : 5

Apply your favourite matte finish moisturizer on your face.

Step : 6 (optional)

Apply eye cream . it will help your eye’s to not to look puffy and prevent dark circles and eye wrinkles.

Step : 7

No body want’s to see your chapped lips. So before leaving your house apply little bit vaselin on your lips. And drink lots of water to prevent your lips from being chapped.