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The 10 “How to look handsome” tool kit.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Grooming 101

These are basic grooming tools for any male to look handsome and dashing. Just add these in your life and you are ready my friend , No one can stops you from you looking handsome , sexy , good looking every single second.

1. Basic hair care items : these are the items which is important for your hair care. These items are Antidandruff shampoo , mild shampoo , hair conditioner , 2-3 herbals oils for massaging your head & hair.

· Antidandruff shampoo is very important if you are suffering from dandruff , you can use this twice a week only if your are suffering from dandruff.

· Mild Shampoo is for your daily hair care. You can use this twice a week if your hair fine and in good condition. Mild shampoo will help your hair to remove dirt , greasiness. One more thing is , it also removes essential oils from your hair which is not good , but don’t worry it will reproduce again, you just use shampoo only twice a week and on other days wash your hair just by water. and you will be fine.( don’t use mild shampoo if you are using antidandruff shampoo)

· Conditioner is very important .you can use this just after shampooing your hair. it helps to nourish your hair and scalp because shampoo removes essential oil too with dirt and greasiness. Because those oils are very important for our scalp and hairs. So by using conditioner you are nourishing your scalp and again. (Apply conditioner on your hair and scalp , then massage your hair for 2 min and then leave the conditioner for 3 more mintues and then rinse it)

· Buy 2 to 3 herbals oils , mix it together and then apply and do hair massage and then leave it for 1 to 2 hours and then wash . Do this once or twice a week. These oils helps to strengthen your hair, nourish your scalp & hair , will make your hair thick , provide shine to your hair. This oil massaging is very important.

2. Perfumes: your odour is very important. It plays a very important role in you looks , your handsomeness.no one likes the person with bad & smelly odour. Your body odour can be the biggest turn on for girls, womens and it can be the biggest turn off if your smell bad because females have better sniffing power than males. so Keep in mind always smell good if you are looking for someone to date.(Note : I do not recommend deos and cheap cologns.because they are not manly and sometimes I may cause reaction & irritions if they re cheap , they are also not long lasting, within 30 mins their fragrance will gone.)

· Only Use high quality original brand perfumes , because they smells manly , they are long lasting( 8 to 10 hours) , and will not harm to your skin. And If you are not sure which one to buy then take any women in your family with you , as females are the better sniffer and they can tell which fragrance will suit you better.

· If your budget is low then use can use high quality deos. As something is better than nothing. So smelling kind of nice is better than smelling terribe. But still my recommendation is perfumes.

3. Hair stying products: Hair looks also plays a very important role , as they can make your sexy , handsome , looks good and your hair style can also make your look bad , boring and even funny.(Do not use hair styling products everyday , use twice or on alternate days.)

· Use Blow dryer to make your hair volumized and fuller.( always useheat protector before blow drying then use your blow dryer in medium heat setting and finish with a cold air to fix your style .)

· Use your favourite hair product (clays , waxes , pomades , hair moose , hair spray etc etc ) to style your hair as the way you like or your loved ones like on you.

· Use vented brush with hair dryer on cold setting to shape and style your hair. ( use any hair brush or combs but my personal favourite is vented hair brush)

4. Shaving/beard care tools: Trim your beard with a high quality beard trimmer , your can shave it with a high quality razor if you beard is very patchy or its not coming , shape your big bushy beard with trimmer means remove all the stray hair from your beard and maintain the shape of your beard. Beard can take your styling game to the next level. So take care of them.

5. Mouth cleaning tools : keep your mouth smells fresh and clean

· Brush your teeth gently with a good toothpaste atleast for 2 to 3mins and try reach every part of your teeth and mouth. (my recommendation is use electric toothbrush , this is much much better then any ordinary toothbrushes)

· Use dental floss to clean the area between your teeth. Use it everyday please. It will help to remove the stuck tiny food particles from your teeths and will prevent the bacteria growth on that region.

· Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue if your do not want candida virus to grow on your tongue and give that yellow or white sticky stuff on your tongue that feels gross and nasty. For prevention , use tongue cleaners

· Use mouthwash to clean your whole mouth and helps to remove all the bacteria and bad odour from your mouth , so you can feel fresh and clean.

6. Cutters/tweezers/filers/shaping scissors: your nails , eyebrows should be look neat and clean.

· Cut your nails with nail cutter and file it using filer

· remove the inner dirt of your nails cuz that looks gross and nasty.

· Use tweezers to make your eyebrows separate because unibrows will never look good. So remove the center of your brows with tweezer and shape it with shaping scissors.( Note: do not remove eyebrows hair on inner side and do not make your brows very thin , keep it as it looks just make your brows separate.)

7. Mild facewash : This helps to clean your handsome face. Use only morning before going out and night before sleeping.

8. Face / body Moisturizers/ Sunscreen : moisturization and apply sunscreen is important. Do it everyday just after washing your face in morning/night , apply sunscreen only on morning before going out in sun.

· use sunscreen first on face and other exposed body parts , it will protect you from suns harmful ultra violet rays and tanning.

· use matte face moisturizer or just natural rose water(rose water is very natural moisturizer for anyone , it is also disinfectant so it will keep your skin look healthy , natural and flawless, because no one likes greasy face.)

· use matte body moisturizer.

9. Handkerchief : keep a handkerchief with you . it will be very helpful for you. trust me always keep one with you

10.Pimple treatment products: these the things which looks nasty and affects on your overall looks. And the funny part is , most of the time pimple always some on our special days and occasions. So don’t worry you will be fine.

· If your pimple just grows and it is in red little painful bump then immediately apply regular non waterproof bandaid. I know it sounds rubbish but trust me it works , within 3-4 hours it will remove your pimple and protect your skin from spreading bacteria on other skin surface. Also it will not leave any mark on your skin. Just apply a night before your special day comes.

· Use clindamycin tube, as it antibacterial , just apply a little on pimple and then leave it.

Do not pop your pimple because it spreads the bacteria on other skin surface and will cause more pimples that you don’t want. If still you want to pop you zit then cleans that area with disinfectant , then take a clean thin cloth or tissue paper then stretch that area near pimple and gently compress but do not force it to pop , squeeze slowly and gently after that just remove that sebum and clean it with clean cloth and then immediately wash your whole face with a mild face wash and apply moisturizer on your whole face and then apply disinfectant on that pimple area , make sure that sebum is not sticking on any other skin surface. And then leave it .and you will be fine.