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What is the best work for your success?

Look at their faces, how happy they are . enjoy your work like them , whether its anything you like to do.

" The best work and the only work for your success is the work you like , the work you enjoy to do the most & if that your work makes you feel happy ".

and when you know what to do ,you will become successful ,you & your family will stay happy , your all dreams will come true . Just do smart work .

If you don't like your job , your business and whatever. you will never gonna successful in life. choose your career wisely . If you like & enjoy your work , you will do it that work more efficiently. and that will help you to take you towards success in future. After that your work will not feel like a work , it will feel like a fun task , it will make you feel like you are in heaven. you will never gonna bored.

Now how do you know which work you gonna enjoy the most and is it good for your future?

You always know what you wanna do , you just never realized because your family decides your work , your always tries to impress your colleagues , your friends , society by choosing a career like doctor , scientist , engineering etc. and internally ,you dont like those works to do . and later on that cause , stress , tensions , depression , even your future will be compromised. what you have to do is , never let your family or anyone to take all decisions for you. You can choose what you like to do. when you don't care what other think of you , you already become successful. and there way too many career to choose from.

you know what , any of your skill can be your work (whatever you like just work on them & make that skill perfect) it could be , photography , videography , graphic designing , fashion designing, interior designing , owning a gym , fitness model , actor , nutrition ,Car modifier , event management , singing , Youtube , blog writing , any art work , it can be like anything you can do but other can't do that thing , any professional stream that you always wanna do , whether you wanna become an engineer, doctor , lawyer ,Architect , business man etc etc. Just don't let anyone , whether they are your family or friends or anyone to tell you ,that what you can do and what you cannot do . be strong , do what you like. when you don't let other to take decision for you , the day you don't care what other think of you, you already become responsible & and a successful person, after that your life will find a work that you can do , you will realize that later , that yes this is what i enjoy , i love to do the most , this can be my work , i always loved this , & then your work and your life will take you towards success in future.

just work smartly & believe in yourself.

"There is always something that you can do & can be the best at it"